F.R. Haythorne Junior High Student Handbook

Student Handbook

Student Handbook

Student Handbook 2021-2022



Welcome to F.R. Haythorne Junior High School

The staff at F.R. Haythorne Junior High welcomes all returning students and extends a special welcome to all new students.  We know that you are eager to share in the many academic, athletic and social activities that make this an excellent school.  We encourage you to get involved and add to the pride that students past and present have for our school.

We have very high expectations for daily behaviour and academic success.  We expect nothing less than your personal best.  Your personal best will be achieved with a positive attitude, cooperation, having respect for yourself and others and taking responsibility for your actions.

This student handbook provides the information you need to be successful at F.R. Haythorne.  It is an excellent reference that you are expected to use on a daily basis.

Mission Statement

Through the building of relationships, we create an environment that inspires everyone to be well-rounded, grounded, respectful and committed to learning.

School Procedures/Routines/Regulations


If an accident occurs on school premises, a staff member should be notified immediately.  First aid and ice packs are available at the school office.   In the event of a serious injury, the student is given first aid by certified staff and parents/guardians will be notified or requested to pick up the student.  If parents are unavailable, staff will use their discretion and may take the student to a doctor or call an ambulance if immediate attention is needed for an illness or injury.  


The possession and/or use of controlled substances, smoking, e-cigarettes, vaping and /or alcohol in the school, on school property or during school-related field trips by students is prohibited and will result in suspension.

Trafficking of controlled substances and/or alcohol will result in an immediate suspension with a recommendation for expulsion.  If there is reason to believe that a student is in possession of a controlled substance(s), the student’s locker, personal belongings & person may be searched.  

Allergies/Medical Alerts

Students with severe allergies or serious medical conditions should inform the office.  The student is responsible for ensuring that any EpiPens/medicine/medical equipment is at school and not expired.  

Arriving Early to School

Students should not arrive before 8:15 a.m. unless they have a meeting or practice. Students who are dropped off at school before 8:15 a.m. will wait outside until the school doors are opened at 8:20 a.m. 

Assessment (See also PowerSchool Parent Portal and Parent-Teacher Interviews)

Assessment needs to be ongoing, meaningful, consistent and fair for all students.  Assessment is interwoven with teaching and is designed to improve student learning, guide effective instruction, provide information for reporting and inform decisions about student programming.  Assessments may be formative or “for learning” which provide the student and teacher with feedback and will not be used for final grades.  Assessments may be summative or “of learning.”  These assessments are designed to provide the student with an opportunity to demonstrate their learning.  These instruments will be used to determine grades.  A wide variety of assessment tools are used, and teachers use their professional judgment in determining final marks.  Every student and parent has the right to appeal a final mark granted to the student.  Students and parents should talk with the teacher first to fully understand the assessment of the course.


Students are expected to complete all of the assignments for their core and options classes to the best of their ability, completely and on time in order to meet the learning outcomes for a course.

Athletic Teams

Our Athletic Program at F.R. Haythorne includes junior and senior teams for boys and girls in Volleyball, Basketball Handball and Badminton, as well as joint teams in Cross Country, Golf and Track and Field.  We encourage students to listen to announcements carefully for opportunities to try out for the various teams.  The focus of all of our teams is player development, sportsmanship, and enjoyment.


The Education Act requires that each student is in regular attendance throughout the school year.   Parents are required to notify the school if a student is going to be absent or will be arriving late or leaving early.  If a student is absent or late and we have not received a call or a note, we will contact parents/guardians.  

It is the student’s responsibility to collect missed work and to complete assignments missed during any absence. Students in all grades should have a ‘study buddy’ who will pick up work for them in case of an absence. Any work that is missed can be found on each teacher’s Brightspace classroom.  

Students who have ‘unexcused’ absences will be required to make up the missed time.  If this problem persists, a further consequence may be a suspension.


Students may carry their books and necessary supplies to and from school in backpacks.  Backpacks & purses should be left in school lockers for the instructional day. Students should visit their lockers throughout the day to change their textbooks/binders, keeping in mind that they should be organized for two-period blocks in the morning and afternoon as they will not be allowed to go to lockers during class breaks.  

Backpacks & purses are the property of the student but may be searched by administrators if there are grounds for suspicion of items that may compromise student safety or health.


Students who ride a bicycle/skateboard/scooter to school are responsible for ensuring that they wear a helmet, use a lock and obey the rules of the road.  Bikes are to be parked in the bike racks provided.  Scooters and skateboards are to be kept in student lockers and walked into the school. 

The use of this equipment is the student’s responsibility and expensive equipment is brought to school at your own risk. Theft or vandalism of bikes will be investigated by the R.C.M.P.  

Students should not ride this equipment on the school property.

Bullying and Harassment

Bullying will not be tolerated at F.R. Haythorne Junior High

According to the Alberta Education website, bullying is a conscious, willful, deliberate, repeated and hostile activity marked by an imbalance of power, intent to harm and/or threat of aggression. It can be verbal, social, physical or cyberbullying. It can occur within a peer group or between groups. It can occur at school and in sports.  The four most common types of bullying are:

Verbal Bullying

  • name-calling, sarcasm, teasing, spreading rumours, threatening, making references to one's culture, ethnicity, race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation, unwanted comments.

Social Bullying

  • mobbing, scapegoating, excluding others from a group, humiliating others, gestures or graffiti intended to put others down.

Physical Bullying

  • hitting, poking, pinching, chasing, shoving, coercing, destroying, unwanted sexual touching.


  • using the internet or text messaging to intimidate, put down or spread rumours about someone.

Please note:  in order for us to respond to an incident of bullying, it must be reported to us in a timely manner.  If we are not aware of the problem, it cannot be dealt with proactively.

Bus Behaviour

Elk Island Public School district requires that order and discipline be maintained on school buses to ensure the safety of all students and staff.  Students are expected to be aware of and abide by the rules of behaviour on buses, at bus stops and at transfer locations.  The EIPS transportation rules will be given to every bus student at the start of the year.   Students may only ride their assigned bus.   Should a student need to ride a different bus, EIPS transportation must be contacted, as bus drivers will not accept written notes.  Misbehaviour on the bus may result in a bus driver referral to the school administration with appropriate consequences being allocated.  Students may lose the privilege of riding on the bus.


Any student who is observed cheating has been discovered to have cheated or has plagiarized will be immediately referred to the office.   The student may be suspended and parents will be contacted.  It will be the student’s responsibility to demonstrate the learning outcome in a manner agreed upon by the teacher.

Course Outlines

All teachers will distribute a course outline at the beginning of the course.  The course outline contains important information about the outcomes, assessments, fees, trips, and any other relevant information.

Damaged Materials and Equipment

Students are responsible for any wilful damage to school property that is in their possession.  A bill will be issued to repair or replace the item.  In the event of an accident, the administration will use discretion as to the replacement or repair of the material or equipment.  Students that commit any vandalism to school property will be charged the repair or replacement cost.


Detentions will be assigned for the following reasons: negative referrals, disruptive behaviour, arriving late to class and truancy.  Detention begins right after the lunch bell. Students are to take their lunch and materials with them and work quietly on their assignments.  Failure to attend assigned detention will result in further consequences.  Parents may be contacted if the detention is missed.  


All of the school exterior doors are locked during instructional time with the exception of the main doors.  Students should not let anyone in any of the doors when class is in session. Visitors or students should enter through the main doors.  

Dress Code

Students at F.R. Haythorne Junior High are guided by good taste in dressing neatly and appropriately for a junior high learning environment.  Clothing with inappropriate language, symbols of drugs and alcohol, obscene gestures, suggestive images or suggestive sayings are not acceptable.  Clothing choices need to be age-appropriate and students are expected to wear clothing that appropriately covers the student.  Students who arrive at school inappropriately dressed will be asked to change into more suitable clothing.  If the student does not have appropriate clothing available, they may borrow from the school or contact home. Staff discretion will be used to determine what is appropriate for a junior high learning environment.  

Early Dismissal Days

The first Wednesday of each month is an early dismissal day for a staff meeting.  Students are dismissed at 2:13 p.m.  The short day bell schedule will be followed on these days.

Emergency Drills

Several practice drills are held throughout the year to prepare students for internal and external emergencies.  Detailed information about these drills can be found on the EIPS website, as well as on our own school website. They consist of evacuation, inclement weather, and lock-down.  Guidelines for these drills are reviewed by students and staff regularly.  It is vital that students cooperate fully with the staff and conduct themselves in absolute silence.  In the event that a fire bell sounds during breaks or the lunch hour, students should use the nearest exit to leave the school and proceed to the designated outside area to assemble with their homeroom class.  A signal will be given when it is safe to return to the building.  During inclement weather, students may be moved to Mills Haven Elementary School.

Field Trips

Students have a responsibility to maintain the highest standard of conduct wherever and whenever they are representing F.R. Haythorne School.  Since a field trip is an extension of the school, all of the school regulations apply.

Food and Drink in the Classroom

Eating and drinking is not allowed during instructional time unless directed by a staff member for an activity or special occasion.  Students eat their lunch in designated areas and are responsible for cleaning up after themselves.


All students must wear footwear at all times in case of evacuation.  Slippers are not permitted.  Shoes with non-marking soles are required for use at school and in the gymnasium.  All students and visitors are asked to help keep the school clean and remove snow, mud or dirt at the provided doormats.

Holidays during Instructional Time

Holidays during instructional time are strongly discouraged.  Should a student need to miss instructional time, it is their responsibility to notify the school office and their teachers well in advance to request material to work on.    Should material not be available in advance, it is the student’s responsibility to complete all the missed work and assessments upon return. Should an assignment or assessment be time-sensitive, the student may end up receiving an omit mark entry and may have to demonstrate the learning outcome in a different manner.

Internet / Email /  Computer Usage

Students are expected to abide by the Student Responsible Technology User Agreement that is signed by every student and their parent/guardian upon registration at F.R. Haythorne Junior High.   The agreement includes guidelines for the responsible use of personal communication devices and school-accessed technology devices. Computers and Chromebooks for student use are available in the library and in the computer lab.  

In-School Suspensions

In-school suspensions are given by the administration as part of the School Behaviour Plan and may vary in length.   In-school suspensions are served in the office.  Students are not allowed in the hallways during regularly scheduled breaks.  Teachers provide work for students to complete while on an in-school suspension.  If a teacher requires a student in class for instruction, the student will be escorted to and from the classroom.

Intramurals/Lunchtime Gym Activities

F.R. Haythorne has gym activities almost every day at lunch.  Activities are organized and supervised by staff.  Intramurals such as dodgeball and floor hockey happen at various points during the year.


Students who arrive at school late at the start of the morning or afternoon should go to the office.  Students who routinely arrive late to a teacher’s class will be referred to administration. Students should not be late to class between periods.  Students who are late to class between periods must get a late slip from the office.  

Leaving School Early

The office needs to be notified by parents or guardians if a student needs to leave early. Students must sign out at the office prior to leaving.


The library is to be used for the purposes of recreational reading, private study, and research work, completion of homework and computer work.  When a student signs out material, she or he accepts the responsibility for its return in the same condition as when it was borrowed.  Students will be charged for lost or damaged books.


Lockers and locks are provided for students.  Only locks issued by the school may be used in order that the school may retain access to the locker.  Any unauthorized lock may be removed without notice.  Students are responsible for the content of their lockers and must keep their lockers locked at all times.  Lock combinations are stored at the office.  Locker combinations should not be shared with any other students.  The content of student lockers must comply with all regulations and should there be suspicion of illegal substances, weapons, stolen property or inappropriate material in a locker, the locker may be searched by the administration.  


Students can eat in designated eating areas at lunch. Students that are going home for lunch, must have parent permission and should leave right at the beginning of the eating portion and return before the end of the lunch hour. 

Students are expected to clean up after themselves and make sure all garbage is disposed of properly.


Over-the-counter pain relievers are not available from the school office.  The school office staff may administer prescription medicine if we have written permission from parents or guardians on a school medical form.

Nut Aware

There are students at F.R. Haythorne Junior High with a severe allergy to nuts or exposure to nut residues.  In some cases, this may pose life-threatening health challenges.  We ask that students bring nut-free food to the school.

Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews and Assessment Reporting (see also Assessment and PowerSchool Portal)

The PowerSchool Portal can be accessed by parents and students at any time during the school year. The portal will provide information regarding student attendance and curriculum outcomes that will or have been assessed.

Please feel free to contact teachers with any questions or concerns as they are your first point of contact.   Teachers endeavour to communicate to parents, in a timely manner, any significant changes in our students’ academic behaviours and achievement.  In most instances, face-to-face, phone or email communications are most effective in addressing emerging concerns regarding the student’s academic performance.

Personal Communication Devices

Technology serves a purpose and that purpose should be identifiable and educationally valid. Cell phones and other electronic devices, including smartwatches, are allowed in the school unless this privilege is revoked by the principal or assistant principal. If parents choose to send a device to school with their child, the school requires that:

  • be left in the student’s locker during class time
  • always be on “silent” mode
  • be used responsibly at approved times and at the discretion of the teacher and/or administration
  • not be shared with other students (parents have agreed to the use of the device and its contents only in regard to their own child; some parents may not be in favour of their child using the device of another student)
  • not be used for digital recordings of any students or staff (no photos, videos, voice recordings, etc.)
  • Not be used to access restricted or adult content material, software or applications. (This is a parental responsibility)

Students may use their cell phones before school, during the 8-minute class breaks or during lunch break, or as directed by staff.  Bringing mobile devices to school can be a risk and as such, the school is not responsible for the loss or damage of these items. A courtesy telephone is available in the office for student use.

Students who choose not to adhere to personal device expectations may have personal devices confiscated by staff for the remainder of a day, or a parent may have to contact the administration to pick up the device. To avoid these consequences, please ensure your child follows the expectations of the school.

PCDs are defined as any personal digital device that connects to the internet through WIFI, cellular network or other mobile devices.  This includes cellphones and tablets

Failure to adhere to the personal communication device policy(s) above will result in the following consequences.

1st Offence - The teacher will verbally warn the student and make a record of it in PowerSchool.

2nd Offence - The PCD will be confiscated and will be sent to the office. The student will be permitted to collect their PCD at the end of the school day. Parents and/or guardians will be notified.

3rd Offence - the PCD will be confiscated and will remain in the office until a parent or guardian is available to collect the PCD.

4th Offence - School discipline

Photographs/ Video Recording

Students are prohibited from taking photos / video-recording / voice-recording in the school or on school property unless express permission has been given by a staff member for a school-related project.  Students will not take photos of classmates or staff without their permission.  Students should not post photos or videos of students, staff or school events on personal social media websites.  School administrators reserve the right to review any material or content to monitor files in order to determine appropriate use.

Positive Referrals

Students receive positive referrals from staff throughout the year for displaying leadership, putting in extra effort, demonstrating our character education virtues, giving service to the school or for personal growth.


Students and parents are encouraged to use the PowerSchool portal that connects you to the teachers’ Grade Books and will provide you with ongoing assessment information, comments and absence information in real-time. Individual assignment marks and comments can be viewed for each course, cumulative marks will be calculated and continuously displayed during the school year.

Passwords are provided to parents and students from the school office if requested.   If you have lost or forgotten your login id or password, the office can reset and provide you with a new one.  

Report Cards and Progress Reports

Report cards are shared electronically through Powerschool. Powerschool should be reviewed regularly to ensure that parents and students are aware of academic progress.

Scent Aware/Body Sprays/Perfumes/Colognes

Some students and staff members at F.R. Haythorne are extremely sensitive to scents and chemicals and may have life-threatening reactions.  Students are asked not to use any perfumes, colognes, or body sprays in the school hallways or change rooms.  Students should make every effort to purchase unscented products for body and hair.

School Behaviour Plan / Progressive Discipline

The underlying philosophy of the F.R. Haythorne Junior High behaviour plan is that all students have the right to learn in a positive environment.  A positive learning environment is one in which students are encouraged to make appropriate choices and are responsible for their own behaviour.  There are logical and natural consequences for the choices students make.  Our goal is to share this responsibility between staff, students and parents to support students to make positive choices. We believe that learning to take responsibility for one’s actions and making positive choices is an important component in student growth and learning.  

We expect that our students will be safe,  respectful and try their best at all times This includes regular and punctual attendance as well.

Each teacher will develop and state the expectations for students to follow while in their classroom.  Progressive discipline will be used if students are not making appropriate choices and the teacher may use steps such as:

  • Eye contact, proximity, verbal warnings and reminders about expectations
  • Loss of privileges
  • Removal from class for short periods or asked to wait in the hall outside the classroom
  • Parental contact
  • Study hall or detention
  • Referral to the office
  • Written negative referral to administration

Depending on the seriousness of the offence, any of the above steps may be bypassed and the student may be immediately referred to the office.  Office referrals from a staff member or any offence brought to the attention of administration may result in discussions, detentions, contact home, removal from a class for a period of time, in-school suspension or an out-of-school suspension.

For your reference, Elk Island Public Schools has developed the following policy for the consequences and discipline cycle (Policy 320)

Consequences of Unacceptable Behaviour

  1. Unacceptable student behaviour may be grounds for disciplinary action and provides an opportunity for critical learning and reflection in the areas of personal accountability and responsibility, the development of empathy, conflict resolution, communication, and social skills development.
  2. Consequences of unacceptable behaviour take into account the student’s age, maturity, individual circumstances, and frequency of misconduct. The specific circumstances of the situation and of the student shall be taken into account when determining appropriate consequences.
  3. While this code of conduct addresses consequences for inappropriate behaviour, support shall be provided to students impacted by inappropriate behaviour and to those students who engage in inappropriate behaviour.
  4. The consequences of unacceptable behaviour may include but are not limited to:
  1. assignment of a student to an alternate supervised location, when behaviour is unacceptable, disruptive, or destructive;
  2. short term removal of privileges;
  3. detention;
  4. use of reasonable force as required by way of correction to restrain a student from carrying out a violent or destructive act that could harm the student or others;
  5. interventions such as positive behaviour supports, community conferencing, or other forms of restorative justice;
  6. replacement of or payment for damage to school property;
  7. corrective student transfer;
  8. suspension; and/or
  9. recommendation for expulsion.

School Fees

School Fees are charged by schools and may be paid using the PowerSchool Parent Portal. School fees are due by October 31, 2021. A variety of fees are charged including Learning Resource Fees (approved by EIPS Board of Trustees and charged for instructional supplies and materials), Non-Core Educational Fees (to cover a portion of the resources and materials in courses such as Recreation Fitness, Outdoor Education, Leadership, Drama, or Career and Technology Foundations Courses. 

Non-Instructional Student Fees (such as lock and locker rental, athletics uniforms, band rentals), School Generated Funds (to cover costs such as field trips), and Extra-Curricular Activities Fees (to cover costs of activities that occur outside of the school day). Fees are first applied to the Learning Resource Fees followed by non-core fees and then non-instructional fees. For example, if a family has not paid their fees, and then pays toward a field trip, those fees are applied to the Learning Resource Fees owing, and not the field tripAll Fees must be paid in full prior to attending a school field trip or participating on a school team.  In the event of financial hardship, families are encouraged to contact the school principal to arrange installment payments if they are unable to pay the full amount on time.

Security Cameras/Video

F.R. Haythorne Junior High has security cameras mounted inside and outside the school. The cameras record all activity 24 hours a day.  

Valuables / Personal Property / Lost and Found

Students are responsible for their personal property.  Students are encouraged to leave valuable items at home to avoid any disappointment if items are lost, damaged or stolen.  Students must always ensure that money and valuables are secured and locked up.  Schools do not carry liability insurance covering the loss of personal property and therefore the school cannot be responsible for lost or stolen property.  Nevertheless, the school will do its best to investigate reports of missing personal property.  F.R. Haythorne Junior High students have an excellent history of turning found items into the office and we strongly encourage the continuation of this practice.  The lost and found is located in the office.


Visitors are welcome to F.R. Haythorne Junior High.  All visitors (parents included) must report to the office and sign in.  Visitors will be given a temporary school visitor pass that must be returned to the office when leaving.    

Volunteerism/ Volunteers

Volunteerism is emphasized at F.R. Haythorne. There are many opportunities for students, parents and staff to get involved in school-related and community-partnered activities.