Late Policy Revision and Reminder

Late Policy Revision:

For students who are late, the following consequences are administered:

  4 lates per semester    - Lunch Hour Dentention

  8 lates per semester    - Meeting with Administrator

  12 lates per semester  - Letter Home

  16 lates per semester  - In School Suspension

  17+ per semester        - Administration Discretion

The school late policy applies to students who are late for any classes throughout the day.  If a student is late for class and we have not received a parent phone call, email, note, or other communication, it will be recorded as unexcused. 

If a student arrives late to any class, they will need to check in at the office and receive an admit slip in order to be allowed into class.  Lates will be reset at semester change.

Attendance Reminder:

If a student is away for any reason, we need to receive a parent phone call, email, note, or other communication to the office to excuse the absence.  Students are expected to communicate all absences with teachers and discuss the opportunity to make up missed work and complete assessments at a mutually agreeable time.

Unless we have heard otherwise, any student that is not present in class at the time attendance is taken will be marked as an unexcused absence.  For all unexcused absence parents will be notified immediately.  


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