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Personal Communication Devices

As per EIPS Policy 24:  Personal Communication Devices,  technology, including personal communication devices (PCDs), must serve an educational purpose. Therefore, cell phones and other PCDs, are not allowed in the classroom.  PCDs are allowed in the school under specific conditions unless this privilege is revoked by the principal or assistant principal.

PCDs are defined as any personal digital device that connects to the internet through WIFI, cellular network or other mobile devices.  This includes but is not limited to cell phones, tablets and smartwatches.

If parents choose to send a device to school with their child, the device must:


  • be left in the student’s locker during class time.
  • always be on “silent” mode.
  • be used responsibly at approved times and at the discretion of the teacher and/or administration.
  • not be shared with other students (The parent has agreed to the use of the device and its contents only in regard to their own child).
  • not be used for digital recordings of any students or staff. (no photos, videos, voice recordings, etc.).
  • not be used to access restricted or adult content material, software or applications. (This is a parental responsibility). 


Students may access their cell phones before the first-morning bell, at class breaks, over lunchtime, after school, or as directed by staff.  It may also be accessed in case of a diagnosed medical need of a student or an inclusive education need identified in the student’s instructional support plan (ISP).

Failure to adhere to this personal communication device policy will result in the following consequences including possible confiscation of the device for the remainder of the day or requiring a parent to pick up the device from the administration.

1st Offence - The teacher will send the PCD down to the office where it will be recorded and the student will be able to pick their device up at the next break.

2nd Offence - The PCD will be confiscated and will be sent to the office. The student will be permitted to collect their PCD at the end of the school day. The parent(s) or guardian will be notified.

3rd Offence - the PCD will be confiscated and will remain in the office until a parent is available to collect the PCD.

4th Offence - School discipline

Bringing mobile devices to school can be a risk and as such, the school is not responsible for the loss or damage of these items. 

A courtesy telephone is available in the office for student use as needed. 

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