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Student Online Learning Expectations Guide

It is important to recognize that the online classroom is, in fact, a classroom, and certain behaviours are expected when you communicate with both your peers and your teachers. These guidelines for online behaviour and interaction apply to all students, along with regular school expectations.  Remember there’s a human on the other side of your digital interaction, whether that interaction takes place on Google Classroom, email, or Meet. Apply your normal standards of behaviour to your behaviour online.

Always use your school Gmail for all online learning.  Teachers will maintain regular school hours, they can be reached through email, or during Office Time through Google Meet.  Please be aware teachers will not respond after hours.


When communicating online, you should always:

  • Treat your teacher and classmates with respect in email, Google Meet, comments or any other communication.
  • Use clear and concise language.
  • Avoid slang terms such as “sup?” and texting abbreviations such as “u” instead of “you.”
  • Use standard fonts such as Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman and use a size 11 or 12 pt. font
  • Avoid using the caps lock feature AS IT CAN BE INTERPRETED AS YELLING.
  • Limit and possibly avoid the use of emoticons like :) or.
  • Be cautious when using humour or sarcasm as the tone is sometimes lost in an email or discussion post and your message might be taken seriously or sound offensive.
  • Don’t post something that will embarrass you and make you look bad. Think before you hit send.


Whether you send an email to your teacher, educational assistant, or classmates, you should:

  • Use your school email.
  • Use a descriptive subject line.
  • Be brief.
  • If asking for support, add an attachment or link to your work.
  • Sign your message with your name and return e-mail address.
  • Be sure you REALLY want everyone to receive your response when you click, “reply all.”


There are going to be many places and ways for you to comment, whether that is in Google Classroom, YouTube links, or in Meet.  Please remember the following when you are commenting.



  •  Make posts that are on-topic and within the scope of the course material.
  • Take your posts seriously and review and edit your posts before sending them.
  • Be as brief as possible while still making a thorough comment.
  • Be sure to read all messages in a thread before replying.
  • Always be respectful of others’ opinions even when they differ from your own.
  •  Feel you need to say “Hi”
  • Send repetitive messages without purpose
  • Think you’re entitled to attention
  • Intentionally steal intellectual property
  • Take screenshots of messages or group Meetups, etc.
  • Make personal or insulting comments
  • Taking things too personally
  •  Add generic replies such as “I agree.” Explain, why you agree?

As a school, we want to make sure that we are NOT posting things that are distracting to our learning. Only the information which pertains to what we are learning in class should be posted.


We will be regularly getting together in the virtual classroom through Google Meet.  This is like any classroom, and your teacher will have similar expectations for you.  Please review the following. 

  • Turn off your camera 
  • Follow the rules set out by your teacher at the beginning of the Meet. 
  • Be on time and ready for the Meet - bring your technology, textbooks, and other materials. This is one time being early helps!
  • Being respectful of others’ thoughts, ideas and opinions.
  • Take turns - Talking over top of the speaker in a digital environment makes it harder for everyone to hear and pay attention.
  • Use the chat feature to post questions about the lesson.
  • The teacher will record all sessions and they will be posted to Google Classroom
  • Mind others privacy – Taking of screenshots, and sharing of photos is considered a violation of the Student Technology User Agreement.  Please refer to the document for more information.


Disruptive Students:

1st Time – Student will be removed from the classroom for that lesson

2nd time – Student will be removed, and parent contact will be made to discuss concern for interruption of learning environment

3rd time – Students will not be invited to future Google Meet/hangout and will have to watch video lessons after the event.  Students are still required to complete instruction.

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