Hawk's Room

From time to time, all students experience difficulty with their learning. When students struggle our staff is here to provide them with additional time and support. This time and support can take many different forms. The Hawk’s room is a targeted student support.  The Hawk’s Room is staffed with two staff members dedicated to helping support students learning. The Hawk’s Room will be open during class time to help extend the learning occurring in the classroom.  Students are provided with opportunities to enhance their learning through:

  • One on One instruction
  • Small Group work
  • Targeted Support
  • Slower pace of instruction

Teachers will assess the needs of students and refer them to the Hawk’s Room as needed.  Every learner is different, and requires different supports, the Hawk’s Room is flexible enough to meet the needs of a variety of learners. When assigned an additional learning opportunity by their teachers, our students are required to attend and graciously accept the offer of assistance. We thank all parents in supporting our collective desire to help all children succeed in this academic supportive initiative. Students who do not complete homework or assignments in class maybe assigned additional support during lunch.