Student Support Services

Student Support Services at F.R. Haythorne Junior High works to find ways to assist all of our students, at different levels.

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Individual and Small Group Assistance and/or Counseling – provides support in dealing with social, emotional, academic and career concerns on a daily basis with the individuals in our school community. Intervention strategies are often developed in collaboration with community partners, so the greatest success can be reached for all.

Educational Presentations – are coordinated through Student Support Services. These presentations focus on a variety of health and wellness topics at the grade seven, grade eight, and grade nine levels. These programs and/or presentations may include:

  • DARE (Drug and Alcohol Resistance Education) Program

Planning for Change – provides assistance and support to our grade seven students moving from elementary school to junior high, along with education and support to our grade nine students preparing for high school. Communication with the different elementary and high schools is crucial to the success of our students when planning for those natural transitions.

Our school counsellor may be reached by phoning the school or by using the contact form on the "About Us - Contact" page.

Summer School - Information on Summer School programs offered through Elk Island Public Schools is available.


Community Programs


  • Youth Council - Grades 7-12 - youth advocates, plan youth events, workshops/conferences, etc.
  • Strathcona County Community Drug and Alcohol Strategy - a community approach involving teenagers and focusing on prevention, early intervention, treatment and enforcement
  • Youth Connecting - a network for youth volunteers involved in different groups
  • Recreation Access Program - for residents on a limited income this program allows approved applicants to receive reduced fees on specific recreational activities.
  • Youth In Action - Ages 11-15 - learn how to develop courage and self-esteem, teaches children how to communicate effectively with parents and peers, practices peaceful conflict resolution 
  • Parent Leadership (6 Week Series) - for parents of children any age.  The course covers self-esteem, communications, power struggles, consequences and increasing achievement in school
  • Triple P: Positive Parenting Program - for parents with topics including the power of positive parenting, confident and competent children, and raising resilient children                                       **For further information on the above programs, please visit  
  • Girls Empowered - Girls age 11-13 - techniques to deal with the pressures of junior high school           **For further information on Girls Empowered, please visit 
  • AADAC - Preventing and getting help for alcohol, tobacco, other drug and gambling concerns: AADAC Youth Services - Treatment (Mobile in Sherwood Park) - Ramon Flores 499-4535
    AADAC Youth Services - School Prevention - Z'Anne Harvey-Jansen 644-3633
    AADAC Youth Services (Main Edmonton Office) - 422-7383
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