The Junior High Honours program is designed for students in Grade 8 and 9 who do well in their courses and who enjoy a challenging academic environment.  

Students in the program will follow the Alberta Education Programs of Study but wILL receive enriched course content with a focus on higher-level reasoning, critical thinking skills, inquiry-based learning with links to other disciplines and optional subject matter in all the core subjects (language arts, science, mathematics, and social studies).  

As part of the Junior High Honours program, students will be required to complete two common cross-curricular projects per grade: one humanities (language arts and social studies) and one STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). These projects will be assessed using common grading criteria to ensure consistency in evaluation practices across all Junior High Honours sites. 

Students are eligible to apply to the Junior High Honours program if they have a minimum of an 80 percent average in the four core subjects and a completed rating scale from each of their core teachers. Conditional acceptance will be confirmed in March based on a student’s latest report card marks in the four core subject areas, along with teacher rating scales. Students must maintain their honours standing on their final report card in June, to remain in the program during the upcoming year. 

If your child is interested in applying to the Honours Program, please select "Honours" when you complete your Returning Student Registration form.